Brand Spanking New

With an emphasis on the spanking! Yes, as part of the new re-vamping of ADDigital’s online presence there will be a blog-tastic newsfeed with regular (at least weekly, to be sure) updates on our endless wacky and nefarious goings on. Basically this will give you a glimpse of what we’re doing beyond Tom’s manic stranglehold on the ADD twitter account. So, here’s what’s going on with us as June gets underway:

In addition to all the usual work that Danny does (most of the higher administrative functions, co-chief napper, and VP of Tommy Wrangling), he is currently in the beginning stages of producing a feature-length documentary. The subject matter is the US Women’s Swim Team of the 1976 Olympics. It’s a great and interesting story that you should look up for your own damn self. This isn’t Wikipedia. Exciting stuff, even for an old hand at the documentary game like Dan.

Supposed to like kind of like a maple leaf, maybe? I dunno.

Supposed to look kind of like a maple leaf, maybe? I dunno.

As for Tommy, his project to build a functioning large hadron collider in his bathtub hit a setback when he napped for slightly longer than he planned to today.

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