Word From The Glorious(ish) Leader!

That’s right, in a very special update I have received direct words from the one, the only, the thankfully-one-and-only, Mister Tom Mooney. El Presidente himself, having returned from a golf trip in Northern Ireland where he went on many grueling, soul-searching, hikes of distances up to ten feet back and forth between the golf cart and the trees he would pee behind, sent me an electrified mail letter. It reads thusly:

“Once again the Team from OKr+P and ADD produce a HIT. Three spots for a great American Brand, Sears.”

Seems pretty straightforward, right? And good news to boot. Who knew we’d all have something to look forward to upon his return? Unless, of course, he actually meant “HIT” as an acronym for Haldia Institute of Technology, in which case I have no idea what he’s talking about.

Doesn't look like a Sears...

Doesn’t look like a Sears…

The spots in question will be up and posted to our reel, probably sometime in the next week or so. Feel free to wait with bated breath until then.

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